Joanna GregoresAt The Academy of Art in San Francisco and The Arts Students League in New York, I gained the skills to express my artistic voice.

Greek American, lucky enough to have lived in the United States, Asia, and France,  my artistic voice has been formed and inspired by these very diverse cultures.

I love playing with color, contour and shapes, and employ patterns and repetition to create harmony in my work. I work both from live elements and emotions in life as well as places of memory.

I have also created a line of interior decoration and textiles with the idea that art should be found in our everyday surroundings.  All creations are a direct result from my artwork or from details from within my mark making..

Double sided placemats can be custom ordered as well beginning at 20 euro’s with 100% organic napkins from 14 euro’s. Tablecloths, windowshades, duvet covers are all priced according to dimensions required. Lampshades begin at 30 euro’s.

All work on the site is available as originals (unless already sold) starting from 300 euro’s and all work can also be licensed.  Paintings can also be reproduced in limited edition giclé prints, starting at 150 euro’s, they are printed on 100% cotton rag museum quality paper and various sizes are available. Payment with a credit card through paypal is simple.  Please contact me at for any questions and I will get back to you with prices etc.



À The Academy of Art de San Francisco et à The Arts Students League de New York, Joanna a acquis les techniques qui lui ont permis de trouver sa voie artistique.

Son origine gréco américaine et ses longs séjours aux États-Unis, en Asie et en France enrichissent sa sensibilité et sa palette.

Joanna joue avec les couleurs, les formes et les harmonies avec un sens aigu du trait. Ses créations respirent la spontanéité, créent la surprise et resplendissent de couleurs. Elle puise son inspiration dans les émotions du quotidien, des portraits et des lieux de mémoire.

Elle a créé sa ligne de décoration intérieure, Colour & Light, car selon elle, l’art peut être décroché des murs et illuminer notre vie quotidienne.